After sourcing the most suitable stone to match type, colour and size, we ensure that it is the best quality. The stone is then cut and dressed in our workshop and then fitted using specially designed conservation mortar to match the original. When required, joints of 1-2mm will be maintained to match the existing brick work. Alternatively, variations of "tile repair" with materials to suit the surrounding masonry would be recommended. This might include stainless steel and copper wire for stone dowels and repairs. We can correct major and minor structural or environmental faults by re-building or repair. We also can carry out the cleaning of stone and surfaces and remove modern or unsuitable materials, paints and cements.

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Somerset Building Award 2010

Stapleton Farmhouse, Stapleton.

Taunton and District Civic Society Conservation Award

Amberd Granary

Taunton Deane Borough Council Conservation Award 2003

St Margaret's Leper Hospital, Taunton.
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