We carry out the repair (and replacement where necessary) of joinery to historic buildings in timber suited to the specific situation. Replication of traditional joinery techniques and high quality are features of our work using traditional English timbers. Our repairs to heavy oak carpentry use simple techniques carefully executed, with traditional tools and finishes where appropriate. We reinforce with stainless steel, usually concealed, where the timber or joints have failed or are not repairable conventionally. For larger members we use green oak and work slightly oversize to allow for subsequent shrinkage. We carve mouldings, chamfers and details by hand, and leave the timber for the chisel, adze or saw. Bespoke furniture is also available, from oak tables, corner cupboards and side boards, we are experienced in designing and making beautiful heirlooms for your home.

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Conservation and Restoration Winner 2007

Abbey Barn, Abbotsbury

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