J Layzell & Sons

Established 1895

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Cob, Wattle and Daub
Our cobs and daubs are based on local materials and we repair cob by ramming in situ.
We make traditional infill panels of woven hazel or split lath and daub, either plastering or unplastered, but can incorporate modern materials if needed to comply with building regulations.

Bespoke Joinery

Repair (and replacement where necessary) of joinery to historic building in timber suited to the specific situation.
Replication of traditional joinery techniques and high quality are features of our work using traditional English timbers.

When required, joints of 1-2mm will be maintained to match the original mason's work.
Alternatively, variations of "tile repair" with materials to suit the surrounding masonry would be recommended.
Use of stainless steel and copper wire for stone dowels and repairs.

Carving & Fixing

When replacement is structurally necessary, we will recarve and refix new stone to match the original I work taking into account the surrounding patterns of weathering and decay, tooling and jointing to minimise the impact of new stonework.

Timber Frame Repair
Our repairs to heavy oak carpentry use simple techniques carefully executed, with traditional tools and finishes where appropriate.

We reinforce with stainless steel, usually concealed, where the timber or joints have failed or are not repairable conventionally.

For larger members we use green oak and work slightly oversize to allow for subsequent shrinkage.
We carve mouldings, chamfers and details by hand, and leave the timber for the chisel, adze or saw.

Plastering, Renders,   Roughcasts
The replacement and repair of existing renders and the plasters using traditional lime mixes and techniques.

Types of work include, haired mortar, medieval single coat and fine three coat work, running of traditional moulding, hairing and roughcast.

 Our library of aggregates obtained from most quarries across the South of England and our supplies of lime from three different sources, help us to match the original plaster and renders as closely as possible.    


Repair and Conservation

Analysis of existing mortars and plasters with 
a view to matching the original in composition, texture and colour.

Design of specific conservation mortars and sheltercoats.

Correction of structural and environmental faults.

Cleaning of stone and surfaces. Removal of modern or unsuitable materials, paints or cements.

Consolidation and repairs to decorative and plain plaster work.